…interviewing a Hollywood lovely on fashion choices and beauty secrets
…in a creative agency's think tank, formulating the catchiest catch phrase
…sitting at a copy desk, accompanied by style book, red pen and coffee (two Splenda and skim, if you please)

From freelance writer to editorial director, marketing specialist to ad copywriter, Cheryl Fenton's 20-year media career has involved her in all aspects of creating the perfect editorial. As part of the hand that guided several publications to award-winning success, her finger is no stranger to the pulse of today's trends and goings-on in the worlds of beauty, fitness, fashion, travel, parenting and food. Whether it's this season's favorite getaway, the latest health news, skincare advice or who's wearing what where, Cheryl has covered the bases.

Attention to detail, finely tuned interviewing skills, respect for deadlines and the ability to stay calm during the stress they might cause…all of these traits blend with Cheryl's high creative energy and writing talent to make her a highly sought-after freelancer.

Cheryl is available for any creative editorial needs you might have...full-length feature articles, web copy, quick-hit ad or brochure, professional blogs or direct email campaigns.