Who, me?

The first time I saw my name in print? Garfield magazine, my own publication I sold to fellow 5th graders when I was 10.

Don't worry. I've since traded in my crayons for a laptop via a Brother WP-1400D in the dorms of Syracuse University. But I still maintain that childlike fascination with my first love - magazines. My byline has been seen in glossies such as Glamour, Whole Foods, Women's Health & Fitness, Cooking Light, Wallpaper, USAirways, Ocean, The Boston Globe, and Art & Antiques.

I’ve been called “the kitchen sink” writer – I can write about anything, including the kitchen sink (peep my interior design pieces). My ongoing print contributions have run the gamut - design and beauty, fashion and celebrity profiles, travel and food, and everything “lifestyle” in between.

As someone who wears many hats and can switch them quickly (all without hat head, thank you), I have also held go-to-gal status for several online clients - travel guru for Virgin Atlantic Airlines; wedding expert for Boston magazine; foodie for Eater.com and TheVoiceofDowntownBoston.com; deal writer for AOL and Gilt City; and native advertising writer for Uniqlo, W Hotel and the Museum of Fine Arts.

I've also dabbled in books through my own title of fitness, fashion and beauty tips, as well as assisting celebrity makeup artist Shalini Vadhera with Passport to Beauty, coauthoring relationship guide His Cold Feet with therapist Andrea Candell, and ghostwriting Defying Gravity for fitness guru Tamilee Webb.

I’m well aware there's no place for a long read in the average 1.8 seconds a person looks at a print ad. As a marketing and advertising copy writer, I have created punchy ad, brochure and catalog copy for businesses including Tsubo/UGG, Stride Rite, WIRED Store, Yves Rocher, New Balance, Timberland and Cybex. In 2006, I won How magazine's client promotions award for my collaboration on New Balance's Fall '06 Womens Book.

Since all the cool kids are doing it, I also blog for companies that desire a fresh voice on their websites. I have been featured weekly on momtrends.com, Hotmomsclub.com, and chicgalleria.com, and my EasyPeasyBlog.com delivers quick tips for achieving beauty, fashion, life and style in minutes.